6th to 7th Grade Orientation

6th to 7th Grade Orientation

Thank you for joining us on your middle school journey.  We are excited to welcome you to our school and get you set up for success at Castle Rock Middle School.  Below you will find information regarding our school, our programing, registration, our forms and what you can expect at middle school.  

We have school visits planned for each of our feeder elementary schools so 6th graders can learn about middle school from students, counselors and administration.  The visits are set up with each individual school.  Talk with your student about when their visit is and what they learned.  

We have 6th to 7th grade orientation online parent nights scheduled in the evening as well.  These nights are communicated with each school so parents are able to log in and join us to learn more about middle school for their student.  Our parent nights are as follows:

  • 01-24-2024: 6:00pm: Clear Sky / Larkspur / Renaissance 

    • GT Session: 5:30pm

  • 01-25-2024: 6:00pm: Meadow View / Sedalia /  Soaring Hawk

    • GT Session: 5:30pm

If you can not make your assigned school's night, you may join one of the other nights.  Students coming to CRMS for next year not currently in our feeder may come to either night.

Please view the orientation videos below to become more acquainted with our school.  Our online presentation will include:

  • Information on registration
  • Information regarding courses and expectations for 7th grade
  • Question and Answer session with current CRMS Students

Orientation Videos

Introduction from Principal

Teaming at CRMS

Counseling Services

Activities and Athletics

BLUE philosophy at CRMS

Introduction to our Elective Courses

 See our CRMS Registration page for all registration information, including course request sheets and course catalog. 


New Beginnings: Registration for New Beginnings OPENS on March 1, 2024  /  Registration CLOSES on July, 22, 2024