7th Sir Kay

Welcome to Team Kay

Sir Kay was the son of Sir Ector and one of the first Knights of the Round Table.  He was known as a fierce warrior and was extremely brave.  He was one of King Arthur's closet allies.  Sir Kay was known to inspire and we work to inspire our students.

Your core teachers are:


Language Arts/Social Studies -- Shonda Kaspar

I am really excited to be starting my 22nd year teaching ELA and Social Studies on the Merlin Pod. I hold a BA in the Humanities and a Master’s Degree in School Leadership. I have had a diverse career. I have taught Elementary School, Art, Social Studies, and ELA. I also hold a principal’s license. This is my second year at CRMS and I love this community!

Math/Science-- Mrs. Laleyna Minasyan

This is my 11th year teaching, but my first year teaching in Colorado!  I moved here from Texas three years ago.  I am married and have two children, ages 5 and 1.  I also have a four-legged kiddo named Eugene.  He's a miniature Australian Shepherd.  I love teaching and enjoy building student relationships!  I have taught high school, college, and now middle school.  I truly love what I do!  Science and math have always been my most favorite subjects I took in all my years of schooling.  I am honored to be given this opportunity to teach my students!  I'm looking forward to this year!"


Math-- Mr Newman 

Have you ever wondered how many goats it would take to fill the Grand Canyon?  Or, how long would it take to drink all the water in an Olympic size swimming pool?  I have.  I have a LOT of stupid questions and I LOVE that math gives me the power to answer them!  (Well… most of them.)


Welcome!  I’m your Math Teacher on Sir Kay and I looooooove teaching it!  Ever get the feeling that math is nothing but numbers, numbers, and more numbers?  I had that feeling throughout all of my education and even through college.  I wasn’t bad at it either.  I could do the calculations.  I could pass the tests.  More importantly, I could take it or leave it.  It did nothing for me.  It was lifeless.  I wanted to be SCIENCE teacher!  After all, that’s where the explosions, the fire, the contraptions, the bugs… you know, all cool stuff are!  There was only one problem.  I couldn’t do the math in my Science classes!  

I know what you’re thinking, “Mr. Newman, you just said you could do the math and that you weren’t bad at it”.  I said I could do the calculations, not the math.  It wasn’t until a professor in school gave me a science problem that required me to actually think about how I was going to use those calculations that I realized I didn’t actually know what I was doing all those years in school!  I was good at following directions.  I was good at “playing” school, but if you asked me how many goats it would take to fill the Grand Canyon?  I wouldn’t have a clue where to start answering this VERY important question.  I realized I needed to start over and think about math differently.  I went back to school… like back Elementary School, and fell in love with how and why math works the way it does.  I decided then and there that I had to be a Math teacher! 


I can’t wait to share my passion with you!

Science-- Mrs. Kelley

Hello! My name is Ms. Kelley, and I am very happy to be at Castle Rock Middle School! This is my first year here at the school, and my fifth year teaching.  I love teaching science, and I’m so excited to show my incoming seventh graders that science is everywhere!  My goal in science is to show students that they can understand and explain the world around them; and to appreciate that understanding in everyday life.  I also just love being a teacher, and look forward to those moments during the school year when I can help students figure out a tough situation, remind them that they are amazing, and encourage them to be their best.  I am really excited to meet all of you… it’s going to be a great year!

Language Arts--Mrs. Kovarik


Health/Wellness-- Mr. Pilone

Welcome to CRMS! This is my 15th year at CRMS and stoked to be here. I teach Wellness or Health and PE. I am also the Athletic Director and I coach Flag football, Girls and Boys Basketball and Varsity Lacrosse at CastleView. Fire up CRMS, Championships start Here!

Communication Plan for team
We communicate via Infinite Campus, Google Classroom, and occasional emails home.