8th Morgaine

Welcome to Team Morgaine

Lady Morgaine, half-sister to King Arthur, is also known as Morgan le Fay meaning “Morgan the Fairy”.  She is variously described as a magical fairy queen, apprentice to Merlin, and a great healer.  There are stories of her taking a wounded Arthur to Avalon (the “Isle of Apple Trees”) in order to heal him.  She is also mentioned as a learned mathematician and teacher of astronomy.  By all accounts, she is a woman who is both strong and knowledgeable.

Your core teachers are:

Language Arts--  Mrs. Jennifer Otto 

I’m excited to be part of the 2022-23 Blue Knights!  While this is my first year at Castle Rock Middle School and my 3rd year in the district, it’s my 15th year teaching English Language Arts middle and high school. I look forward to working with our students and their families. Go Blue Knights!

Math-- Ms. Justine "Liz" Riant

Science--    Mr. Jason Gillett             

Social Studies--

Wellness-- Mr. Connor Stewart

This is my first year with the Blue Knights, and my 3rd year teaching. I’ll be teaching Health and Wellness. Before my teaching career I coached cheerleading full-time for 10 years. I’m a part of the cheer coach staff at Castle View High School. I’m excited to get to know all the Morgaine students and have a fun year!


Team Policies

  • Missing Work Policy: Students have 5 school days after the due date of an assignment to turn work in. The assignment will be marked Missing in Infinite Campus during this time, and if the 5 school days pass with no work being turned in, the grade will be a 0.
    • If there is a serious illness, family emergency, or bereavement please contact teachers for an adjusted due date.
  • The Supply list is a personal supply list for each student so there is no need of sharing supplies.  Spanish version