7th Sir Gawain

Welcome to Team Gawain


  • Language Arts: Mr. Sam Teres
  • Math: Ms. Justine Riant
  • Science: Mr. Eric Sonnentag
  • Social Studies: Mrs. Shonda Kaspar
  • PE and Health: Mr. Frank Pilone
  • English Language Development: Ms. Kris Gavin
  • Spanish and Gawain Advisement: Ms. Helen Ramirez

Welcome Video

Gawain Video - Small.mov

Hybrid Learning

  • In School Days students will go to all of their classes. These days will consist of hands on learning opportunities, discussions, notes and opportunities for questions and small group help.
  • At Home Days will see students doing work for all of their classes independently. Students should expect about 40 minutes of work, to equal just under a class period. This work could consist of viewing videos, math practice, reading, assignments related to classwork, writing assignments, or research. This work should all be ready for use in class the next time it meets. You should see the connection between the at home work and in class work, much more than last spring.
  • Fridays will consist of students joining a mandatory live google meet class for each of their classes for 30 minutes each. During these days students will meet with the class of both A/B students and teacher to do a variety of activities, ranging from review, practice, discussion, introducing the next weeks concept or other activities. Attendance will be taken.

Team Policies

  • Missing Work Policy: Students have 5 school days after the due date of an assignment to turn work in. The assignment will be marked Missing in Infinite Campus during this time, and if the 5 school days pass with no work being turned in, the grade will be a 0.
    • If there is a serious illness, family emergency, or bereavement please contact teachers for an adjusted due date.
  • The Supply list is a personal supply list for each student so there is no need of sharing supplies.  Spanish version