Our Classrooms

CRMS offers a wide variety of academic programming in our classrooms to meet the individual, social and emotional, and academic needs of our students.

Core Classes 

Students' core classes of Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science are all held within their teams. This means these classes are taught by teachers on their team and fellow classmates are also on their team.

Our Teams

7th Grade Teams

8th Grade Teams

Elective Classes

We offer a variety of Elective Courses to all of our students. Below is a list of our classes. More information about our elective classes can be viewed HERE.

Family & Consumer Science Literacy STEM, Arts, Design & Information Technology Visual and Performing Arts  Math World Languages
Family and Consumer Science Dimensions in Literacy

Digital Design



Exploring Computer Science

IT Applications & Design







Dimensions  of Math

Exploring World Cultures

French 1A

French 1B

Spanish 1A

Spanish 1B


Student Support Services

Our Student Support includes School counselors for our students, as well as Counselor for Prevention. We also have a full time Social Worker and a full time school psychologist. Learn more HERE.

Special Education

We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of all learners at our school. We have special education teachers that co-teach in classrooms as well as provide specific and targeted interventions for students. Learn more HERE.

Gifted and Talented Education

We have leveled classes at both English and Math. We also support students on Advanced Learning Plans throughout their day. Learn more HERE.

English Language Learners

English Language acquisition is a priority for our students new to the English language. We offer licensed ESL teachers for our students. Kids are able to get direct support as well as support within classrooms to provide growth in student language abilities. Learn more HERE.