Social Studies

Social Studies at CRMS

Here at CRMS social studies is not the traditional class most of us grew up experiencing. Gone are the days of constantly reading from a textbook and answering questions from the book. Students learn by doing and experiencing. We ensure our students are engaged and able to relate the content to current global events. Check out the embedded video below:


  • Beth Rower- Sir Kay
  • Shonda Kaspar-Merlin
  • James Pallotto- Sir Galahad
  • -Morgaine
  • Steven Smith- Sir Ector
  • Forrest Sheets- King Arthur

Courses we offer

Seventh Grade
Seventh grade social studies focuses on the Eastern Hemisphere. Students will look at how geography affects human life from early civilization to present day. We look at why governments formed and how to be an informed citizen. With economics, we look at different systems and how to manage our own money.  Other topics we cover include:

  • Maps to work with mapping skills
  • Understand how population impacts resources
  • Examine how culture shapes society
  • Explore rights under different forms of government
  • Meet exchange students from around the world in the International Teen Chat
  • Personal Finance Literacy 

Eighth Grade
Eighth grade social studies focuses on early American History. In eighth grade social studies students will be exploring how our country, against all odds, persevered to become one of the greatest and most powerful nations in the world. In class students will:

  • Define citizenship and its role in the local and national community 
  • Inspect our current government, how it was developed, and the foundational documents 
  • Analyze how the physical geography determined the economy and culture of early settlers
  • Explore perspectives that challenge their perceptions of the American Revolution 
  • Examine the challenges faced during westward expansion 
  • Understand our rights and how they change and are interpreted over time
  • Create a prototype to help the dangers our colonial ancestors faced.
  • Explore careers and balance a financial budget for their future selves.
  • Debate and explore controversial historical issues 
  • Explore their role in our government and their ability to influence it.