Special Education

Special Education at CRMS

We offer a comprehensive special education program to meet the needs of all of our learners.  Students are able to access the general education classroom with the supports they need to be successful. We have created a schedule of support for each of our students.  Parents and students also have a single point of contact with their student's case manager. We have both Significant Support Needs program as well as an Affective Needs program.  

Special Education Staff

Department Chair and Dean:Kristine Streander (kristine.streander@dcsdk12.org) 

Learning Specialist: Alison Dow (alison.dow@dcsdk12.org)

Learning Specialist:Sharon Haworth (Sbhaworth@dcsdk12.org)

Learning Specialist: Chuck Kramer (Charles.Kramer@dcsdk12.org)

Learning Specialist: Tiffany Anderson (tiffany.anderson@dcsdk12.org)

Significant Support Needs: Tiffany Anderson (tiffany.anderson@dcsdk12.org)

Affective Needs: Amanda Lynch (allynch1@dcsdk12.org)

Occupational Therapist: Jill Purdy (Jill.Purdy@dcsdk12.org)

School Psychologist: Bernadette Pigeon (bpigeon@dcsdk12.org)

School Social Worker: Rachael Goodworth (Rachael.Goodworth@dcsdk12.org)

Speech Language Pathologist: Brandie Munsey (Brandie.Munsey@dcsdk12.org)

School Nurse Consultant: Erika Raschkes (Erika.Raschkes@dcsdk12.org)