At Castle Rock Middle School, we offer a variety of athletic programs for our students. We believe that students need a creative and fun outlet. Here they will work hard, learn the value of teamwork, and develop new skills.  Our philosophy is that all students that want to play, will play.  We do not 'cut' athletes from our program.  All ability levels are welcome and encouraged to participate.  We have students that have been playing a sport for years and some that are new to it.  We work each day to make a great season for all.   We also greatly appreciate parent support at all of our athletic events.  Parents are encouraged to come to every game to cheer on their student and all of our CRMS athletes.  

General Information

  • Students need to adhere to our athlete expectations at all times.  Students are ambassadors to our school and community. 
  • Students need to listen to the daily announcements for notifications for their seasons as well as updates on practices and games.
  • Parents and students can check our website for sports information, season dates, coaches contact info and more.
  • If an athlete drops or quits a sport, they must notify the athletic secretary, Ms. Roberta and their coach.
  • No Athletic fees will be refunded or transferred to another sport after the first week of the season.
  • Students need to be picked up no later than 15 minutes following the completion or practice or games.


Eligibility status will be determined on a student's work habits grade weekly. Students with one or more "Unsatisfactory" grades will not be allowed to participate in one game/meet for that week, but they are still expected to go to practices. There are NO CUTS. There are A, B, and C teams and athletes will be placed accordingly.


Parents are responsible for providing transportation for their student to and from all away games/meets.  Athletic busses are not provided.  Please look at the schedule at the start of the season to help plan and consider speaking with other parents in order to carpool athletes to away games. There are typically three away games per season

Spectator Expectations

  • Please be supportive and respectful of both teams. Remember you are in a gym filled with families, students, staff, athletes and officials. 
  • Be respectful. 
  • Cheer when appropriate respect the athletes involved. 
  • No yelling / screaming during free throws in basketball games or serves in volleyball matches. 
  • Please no food or drinks in the gym. 
  • Be considerate of the game works. 
  • Students have your rides here by the end of the activity: 5:15pm.