Math at CRMS 


  • Amber Litchfield - Sir Galahad
  • Justine Riant - Sir Gawain
  • Eric Newman - Sir Kay
  • Melinda Highsmith - Sir Lancalot
  • Rebecca Kocur - Sir Ector
  • Tiffiny Stewart - King Arthur

Courses we offer

  • Math 7 
  • Accelerated 7th 
  • Math 8 
  • Accelerated 8th (Algebra) 
  • Double Accelerated (Geometry) 

How are students placed into classes

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This year we are piloting, for the district, a new textbook. It is called Ready Math. It
works in conjunction with i-Ready, one of our assessment tools. This new program really
gets students to think about the math involved in solving problems. Along with they why
behind the math.

What happens after middle school?

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