Positive Behavior Support

What is Positive Behavior Support?

Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is an international program supported by the Colorado Department of Education and Douglas County Schools to promote and maximize academic achievement and behavioral competence. It is a school-wide strategy for helping all students achieve important social and learning goals. We know that when good behavior and good teaching come together, our students will excel in their learning. Castle Rock MS is proud to be a part of this exciting initiative.

Students and staff are guided by the BLUE acronym. Each of the letters are defined for different areas in the building.  Below is a quick definition for the overall expectations.

Be Kind

As a CRMS Blue Knight, I am kind, respectful, and helpful to classmates and adults.    


As a CRMS Blue Knight, I lead through a positive example.  


As a CRMS Blue Knight, I collaborate positively with classmates and adults.


As a CRMS Blue Knight, I engage in learning and positive interactions. 

When students show BLUE behavior, they will receive BLUE Bucks, which will allow them to purchase items at the School Store or to participate in various incentives put in place by teachers. Kids respond beautifully to this system. 

BLUE behavior also applies to the adults who are in the building. Staff, students and parents are all expected to show BLUE behavior at Castle Rock Middle School. We are all at our best when we are working together from a common agreement and when we use common language.