Language Arts

Language Arts at CRMS


  • Evan Bennett - King Arthur
  • Shari Lewis - Sir Lancelot
  • Frank Martin- Sir Gawain
  • Breeanne Moore- Sir Kay
  • Michael Pace- Sir Ector
  • Lana Wheatley- Sir Galahad

Courses we offer

7th and 8th grade Language Arts:
This course will use the writing process to increase writing competency in all areas. Students will write a variety of paragraphs and multi-paragraph compositions and research projects. Grammar and usage will be taught in relation to the students’ writing. The appreciation and understanding of literary genres will be addressed. Literary elements will be taught through novels, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.   

Advanced Language Arts

This course will cover some of the same concepts but will provide additional challenge, rigor, and have higher expectations in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language.  How are students placed in classes: The criteria encompasses a range of factors to consider: test scores, teacher recommendations, behaviors, motivation, and time management skills all play a role in the decision making process. 

What happens after middle school

AP Human Geography, Honors English, and Humanities are offered at Castle View High School. Advanced Language Arts students might move to Advanced Placement Human Geography in high school. While the added rigor and higher expectations can be a good preparation for AP and Honors classes in high school, it is up to the high school to approve all course registrations.