Advanced Learning Plans

The Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) is a working document throughout the academic school year.  Academic and affective goals are set in September and are reviewed quarterly and revised as needed.  ALPs are posted in Infinite Campus and are also emailed to students and parents as a viewable document at the end of September each year. 

Advanced Learning Plan Process & Timeline  

August and September

Students receive an invitation to the Gifted & Talented Google classroom for academic year ALP goal setting.


Students work on meeting academic and affective goals.  Students document progress with evidence of progress in reflection ALP reflection


Second quarter reflections completed–students may update or revise goals at this time.

January - April

Students continue to work on ALP goals.


One-on-one conference with GT facilitator for final reflection.  Transition goals set for following year.


ALPs finalized and uploaded to Infinite Campus.



For more information on Advanced Learning Plans please visit

the Douglas County School District's Gifted Education website or 

the Colorado Department of Education's Gifted Education website.