Fall 2022 Conferences

To schedule a conference, select a teacher and then pick a time slot from their calendar.

Conferences will be 10 minutes. Please come prepared with questions or concerns so the time is efficient and beneficial. 

Administration & Counseling

Mr. Veit - Principal
 Mr. Loucks - 7th Grade Administrator (Kay, Galahad, Merlin)
 Mrs. Streander -8th Grade Administrator (Morgaine, Arthur, Ector)
Mrs. Hazen - Counselor for Kay and Arthur
 Ms. Freeman - Counselor for Merlin and Ector
 Ms. Evans - Counselor for Galahad and Morgaine
 Ms. Franklin - Social Worker
 Officer Knight - School Resource Officer


7th Grade Teams

 Team  Social Studies  Science  Language Arts  Mathematics  Health/P.E.
 KAY Rower Kelley  Kovarik  Newman  Pilone 
 GALAHAD Pallotto  Shew  Lewis  Clarke  Ray 
MERLIN   Kaspar  Steder Kaspar   Steder Sedersten 


8th Grade Teams

Team Social Studies Science Language Arts Mathematics Health/P.E.
 MORGAINE Murphy  Gillett  Otto  Riant Stewart
 ARTHUR  Sheets  Gordon Bennett   Gisi  Kay
ECTOR   Smith Poole   Pace  Kocur  Myers 


Elective Teachers

 Ms. Baker - Art
Ms. Romanello - Choir, Band
 Mr. McGuffin - Orchestra
Ms. Kaufman - Drama, World Cultures
Ms. Donathan - Consumer and Family Science 
Mr. McMonagle - IT Applications, Computer Science, Digital Design
Ms. Dutenhoeffer - IT Applications, Multi-media, E-media
 Ms. DeBack - Digital Design, E-Publishing
Ms. Meli - Spanish 1B, Spanish for native speakers, ESL
Ms. Ramirez - Spanish 1A and 1B
 Ms. Singleton - French 1A, and 1B,  Spanish 1A
Ms. Burden - Dimensions of Math
 Dr. Adams - ALP Coordinator
 Ms. McBride - Dimensions in Literacy, READ Coordinator


Special Forces

 Ms. Haworth 
 Ms. Stertz 
 Ms. Lynch
 Ms. Anderson 
Ms. Kary
Ms. Munsey
 Mr. Kramer 
 Ms. Dow
Ms. Hiebert