Science at CRMS 

  • Philip Shew- Sir Galahad
  • Laleyna Minasyan-Morgaine
  • Andrea Kelley- Sir Kay
  • Jason Gillett- Merlin 
  • Shantel Poole - Sir Ector
  • Alison Gordon- King Arthur



Courses we offer 

7th Grade Science focuses on life science. Students will explore cells and how they are the building blocks of life. For the cell unit, students create an analogy to a system that they know. Students will explore how those cells build up systems of the human body, and how the systems interact as a combined unit. We will get into the laws of motion, using ramps and model cars. We look at the geologic history of Earth, and discover when major events in Earth’s history happened. Lastly we learn about how Earth is made up of plates and how those plates interact. Students map out major events that occur and gain an understanding of why they occur where they do. Students should be able to see what those interactions of the plates result in, and the effects on humans and discuss whether they can be prevented or mitigated.

8th Grade Science takes the learning of the human body in a different direction as we talk and learn about genetics, inheritance, genetic variations, mutations and natural selection. Space, influences of weather, weather prediction, how humans impact our environment, climate change are all a part of the Earth and Space Science unit. For physical science, learn about the types of energy as well as waves. Rube Goldberg machines will be created, crash test egg cars will be designed and students will take the ride of their life with the roller coaster lab.

What happens after middle school in science

Castle View has two academies that focus on science. BHS and STEM are two of the academies students enroll in.

BHS Biotech

Is the  study of lives and organisms for the future biologists and veterinarians. H Health, studying what make people S Science, the study of all things living and non living.



The study of just about everything in the world from exploring the depths of the ocean to the peaks of Everest it all relates to science.


Programming, coding, building, creating technology! Students will learn to build robots, code websites and much more.

E=Engineering ,

The study of how to design and improve machines in the modern day. CVHS takes pride in their engineering program fostering some of the best teachers in the state.


Working with numbers to create new possibilities, solve issues and forge new concepts.