Our Staff

Last First Role Team/Dept Email Website
Veit John Principal Administrative and Front Office [email protected]
Loucks Russell Assistant Principal 8th Grade Administrative and Front Office [email protected]
Streander Kristine Assistant Principal 7th Grade Administrative and Front Office [email protected]
Andrews Roberta Attendance / Athletic Secretary Administrative and Front Office [email protected]
Heffron Traci Bookkeeper Administrative and Front Office [email protected]
Castro Alexis Registrar Administrative and Front Office [email protected]
Rosenbach Megan School Nurse Administrative and Front Office mrosenbach@dcsdk12.org?
Johansson Colleen Principal Secretary Administrative and Front Office [email protected]
Knight David School Resource Officer CRPD [email protected]  
 Amity Ann Kitchen Assistant   [email protected]  
Anderson Tiffany SPED Teacher
[email protected] Ms. Anderson's Site
Bennington  Wayne Campus Security Specialist   [email protected]  
Beauregard Jill Art Teacher Electives [email protected] Ms. Baker's Site
Bishop Francesca Kitchen Assistant   [email protected]  
Call Sharon 8th Social Studies Morgaine [email protected]  
Caloca Brianna Head Building Engineer - Night Building Support [email protected]
Cazer Tifany Educational Assistant Sever Needs   [email protected]  
Chadick Dawn Kitchen Manager Nutrition Services [email protected]
Christensen Dana 8th Math Teacher Morgaine    
Clarke Heidi 7th Math Teacher Galahad [email protected]  
Copper Liz Gifted and Talented   [email protected]  
Cordes Derek 7th Wellness Kay [email protected]
Davis Karen Health Assistant [email protected]
DeBack Carmen Digital Design/Yearbook Teacher Electives [email protected]
Donathan Nicole Consumer Family Studies Electives [email protected] Ms.Donathan's Site
Dow Alison SPED Teacher [email protected]
Evans Becky Counselor Arthur / Ector [email protected]

Freeman Alisha Counselor Galahad / Morgaine [email protected]

 Frick Ashley Clerical Support: Student Services   [email protected]  
Gillett Jason 8th Science Morgaine [email protected]

Gisi Beth 8th Math Teacher Arthur [email protected]

Gonzalez Flores Jenny Educational Assistant Sever Needs   [email protected]  
Gordon Alison 8th Science Teacher Arthur [email protected] Mrs. Gordon's Site
 Hall Arrah   School Psychologist    [email protected]  
Hall Cheryl 8th Language Arts Arthur [email protected]
Hall Phillip Educational Assistant Severe Needs   [email protected]  
Haworth Sharon SPED Teacher   [email protected]
K SPED Teacher   [email protected]

Hunt Priscilla Educational Asst: SSN   [email protected]

Jones  Tiffaney Educational Asst: AN   [email protected]  
Kary Natalie SSN Teacher   [email protected]  
Kaspar Shonda 7th Social Studies / Language Arts Kay [email protected]
Kaufman Kendra Drama Teacher Electives [email protected] Ms. Kaufman's Site
Kelley Andrea 7th Science Teacher Kay [email protected]
Kiernan Mallory Social Worker   [email protected]
Kocsi Beata EA - SED [email protected]
Kocur Rebecca 8th Math Teacher Ector [email protected] Mrs. Kocur's Site
Kovarik Leah 7th Language Arts Kay
Kramer Chuck SPED - MNI Teacher [email protected]
Kravitz  Vicki Kitchen Assistant   [email protected]  
Lane Shannon Building Engineer
[email protected]
Lopez Gloria Custodian   [email protected]  
Lynch Amanda Affective Needs Teacher   [email protected]
Marshall Brian 8th PE / Health Teacher Arthur [email protected]  
Martinez Jessica Educational Assistant Severe Needs   [email protected]   
Mauch Rebecca Language Arts Galahad [email protected]  
McMonagle Jacob Exploring Computer Science Electives [email protected]
McGuffin Jay Orchestra Electives [email protected]
Meli Rocio Spanish Teacher
ESL Teacher
Electives [email protected] Senora Meli's Site
Meyers Cassi Professional Learning Specialist   [email protected]

Miller Yvonne Teacher Librarian
[email protected]
 Mixon  Benjamin  7th Social Studies  Kay  [email protected]  
Munsey Brandie Speech Language Pathologist [email protected]
Myers Alexis 8th PE/Health Teacher Ector [email protected] Mrs. Myers's Site
Nelson Emma 7th PE / Health Teacher Galahad [email protected]
Newman Eric 7th Math Teacher Kay [email protected] Mr. Newman's Site
O'Hara Dennis Educational Asst: SSN   [email protected]
Otto Jennifer 7th / 8th Language Arts Teacher Morgaine [email protected]

Pace Michael 8th Language Arts Teacher Ector [email protected]
Pilone Frank 7th Wellness Teacher Kay [email protected] Mr. Pilone's Site
Poole Shantel 8th Science Teacher Ector [email protected]

Powell Sarah Campus Security Specialist   [email protected]  
Puckett Breyn Counselor Kay [email protected]  
Ramirez Helen Spanish Teacher Electives [email protected] Dr. Ramirez's Site
Roberts Bryce Educational Assistant: Affective Needs   [email protected]  
Romanello Brenda Choir/Band Teacher Electives [email protected] Mrs. Romanello's Site
 Rosenbach  Megan School Nurse   [email protected]  
Selimovic  Elvira Kitchen Assistant   [email protected]  
Sheets Forrest 8th Social Studies Teacher Arthur [email protected] Mr. Sheets's Site
Shew Phil 7th Science Teacher Galahad [email protected] Mr. Shew's Site
Singleton Julia French / Spanish Teacher Electives [email protected]  
Steder Laleyna 7th Science / Math Teacher Kay [email protected]

Stewart Connor 7th / 8th Wellness Morgaine [email protected]

Swan Nichol Educational Assistant Sever Needs   [email protected]   
Wakefield Nick Day Custodian   [email protected]

Wills Paula IT Apps / Multimedia / e-Media Electives  [email protected]
Ms. Wills' Website