8th Sir Ector

Welcome to Team Sir Ector

Meaning Behind the Name

Castle Rock Middle School is centered around the Knights of the Round Table. These legends of yore were known for their chivalry, bravery, and intelligence. Our team is named after Sir Ector. Sir Ector was the biological father of Sir Kay and the adoptive father of King Arthur. Ector loved and treated Arthur as if he were his own son. King Arthur was taught his most admirable traits of being just, intelligent, and accepting by his adoptive father Sir Ector. Ector modeled these behaviors and taught them to his sons. Therefore, we consider ourselves in the same position. Like Ector, we view our students as family. Like Arthur, we want to ensure our students leave our classrooms ready to lead, change, and shape the world.

Meet the Team

Team Ector Introduction Video

Steven Smith (Social Studies)- This year will be my sixth year teaching here at CRMS. I'm originally from Michigan and graduated Western Michigan University with a degree in secondary education. I love teaching here in Colorado and believe in 21st century education. Students will learn to critically think, develop their own ideas, and relate our history to current global events.

Rebecca Kocur (Math)- This is my second year at Castle Rock Middle School but I have been teaching for over ten years. I started off in Littleton and moved to Douglas County last year. I am a graduate from Northern Illinois University and have a Masters of Education from National-Louis University in Chicago. I have three children, two of which attend Soaring Hawk Elementary. I am very excited to be working within my community and watching all of the students grow!

Andrew Rosen (Science)- This is my 4th year here at Castle Rock Middle School teaching science. I use a hands on learning approach with labs as the main vehicle for learning content and giving students the chance to perform actual scientific investigations. My background in science came from my time at University of California Santa Barbara where I studied environmental science and exercise and health science.

Michael Pace (Language Arts)- I have been teaching Language Arts for 5 years. I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Secondary Education English. I worked in Oklahoma for 3 years as a 6th grade Language Arts teacher before I moved to Colorado last year. I love teaching 8th grade and feel grateful that I can equip students with the skills they will need to be successful in High School and beyond.

Communication Policy

Sir Ector sends out weekly emails every Monday to let parents know what their students will be doing in their classes during the week. The email will also contain important upcoming dates and planned events.