Battle of the Books


Are you ready to battle? The purpose of the Battle of the Books is to encourage reading through a little friendly, quick action, competition.  Teams of five students (with one alternate) compete against each other in a quiz-bowl type competition.   Competition will be a round robin tournament with the winning team from Castle Rock competing against the other DCSD Middle Schools.



View Battle Information and watch book trailers.  


Read, read, read, the books, write out practice questions, and form teams.


Students form teams – submit TEAM REGISTRATION. 

Teams need to be registered by:  April 10st.  

Practices will be held during April.  Details to come.

School & District Battle

Castle Rock Battle during the day TBD.


2020-2021 Titles:
For proper pronunciation of Author's
 names, go to: 



to register your team








Check out some Book Trailers






























Possible Contenders

Castle Rock Middle School

Cimarron Middle School

Mesa Middle School

Mountain Ridge Middle School

Rocky Heights Middle School

Sagewood Middle School

Sierra Middle School

Ladies of Lancelot

Registering Your Team &Submitting Questions

Teams can have up to six members.  

Five will compete in the final battle; and one member will be the alternate.

Teams need to be registered and the Team Leader should fill out the REGISTRATION FORM by April 10, 2021.

All teams are encouraged to submit at least 20 questions to the battle for practice rounds. For a team of five that would be 2 questions each. By registering, you are agreeing to submit questions.

Questions begin with "In which book..." or have a specific and discrete answer that can be found on a page of the book. It would be ideal to submit questions (and answers) for several of the books.  

Please see Mrs. Miller for assistance on how to submit practice questions or complete the registration if you have questions.