BYOD Initiative

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Initiative

Our goal is for every student to have a computer to use throughout the school day.  We believe this level of access to technology is vital in preparing students for the world in which they live.  A Bring Your Own Device Initiative encourages students to move from textbook readers to worldwide researchers, empowers students to take control of their personalized learning, and enables students to use their understanding of technology for the betterment of their education.  CRMS BYOD Flyer

There are many benefits to having  access to technology for all students:

  • Accessible 1:1 technology allows for personalization of learning because students can take ownership of their learning paths in order to create unique learning experiences based on individual needs, and teachers can take on the role of facilitator/coach.
  • Flexibility in time and space.
  • Portability and accessibility of learning.
  • Learning is differentiated and focused on individual needs.
  • Prepares learners for the world in which they live by becoming world-class researchers and creators of information.