Drop Off / Pick Up Procedures

We love having parents come to school, volunteer to help out staff and students, or even if it’s just a quick stop in to say hi.  With our new protocols due to COVID-19 we are not allowing visitors into the school.  There will be times when parents need to come to the school for a variety of reasons (dropping off items for students, picking them up, or maybe a meeting with CRMS staff) and we want you to be aware of how we are handling those situations.  


Picking up your student

    • Parent or contact on record with the school will ring the bell on the front door.
    • Share the name of the student and reason for pick up.
    • Staff will come to do the door to verify person picking up with valid ID and the student sign out sheet is to be signed by person picking up.
    • Student then be called out of class to come to the office. We will not call the student out of class until you are here.
    • Student will then proceed out the front door.

    Dropping off student outside of normal arrival time

    • Student will come to the front door and ring the bell.
    • Student will be let in, sign in, and head to their class.
    • Parents do not need to come to the door or sign the student in.

     Dropping off items for student

    • Parent will come to the front door and ring the bell or call the front office.
    • Item is to be placed in plastic bin by the front door. Please label the item with your student's name.
    • Staff member will retrieve the item and get it to its proper location
    • If the item being dropped off is of value and you do not want to leave it in the bin for a staff member, one will come to the door to retrieve the item.

    If the item being dropped off is medication, staff member will meet parent at the door to work through paperwork and ensure chain of custody of medication.  Do not leave medication in the drop off bin.

    Parent Meeting

    We will be conducting parent meetings through GoogleMeet or hold them via a phone call.  In the event a parent meeting will take place in person, parents should not come to school if sick or not feeling well.