Drop Off / Pick Up Procedures

Student Arrival

  • Students will enter through the front door.
  • Student drop off is in the lane in front of the school. Please pull all the way forward to drop off your student.
  • Only drop students off in the parking lot.

Dismissal and Student Pick up

  • Students will exit the school from the exit nearest their classroom and walk to their bus, meet their ride in the parking lot, or walk home.
  • If you are picking up your student, pull into the main parking lot in front and follow the two lane flow of traffic.
  • Do not park in the neighborhood.


Picking up your student early from school

    • Parent or contact on record with the school will ring the bell on the front door.
    • Share the name of the student and reason for pick up.
    • Staff will come to do the door to verify person picking up with valid ID and the student sign out sheet is to be signed by person picking up.
    • Student then be called out of class to come to the office. We will not call the student out of class until you are here.
    • Student will then proceed out the front door.

    Dropping off student outside of normal arrival time

    • Student will come to the front door and ring the bell.
    • Student will be let in, sign in, and head to their class.
    • Parents do not need to come to the door or sign the student in.

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