All of our students are part of an academic team. These teams consist of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies classes. Each team also has a counselor and administrator assigned to it.  See below for our teams, links to the team pages as well as team teachers.

7th Grade Teams 8th Grade Teams
Sir Galahad
  • Language Arts:  Mrs. Becky Mauch
  • Math: Mrs. Heidi Clarke
  • Science: Mr. Phil Shew
  • Social Studies: Mr. James Pallotto
  • Wellness: Mrs. Emma Nelson
  • Counselor: Mrs.Alisha Freeman
  • Asst Principal:  Kristine Streander
 King Arthur
  • Language Arts: Mrs. Cheryl Hall
  • Math: Mrs. Beth Gisi
  • Science: Mrs. Alison Gordon
  • Social Studies: Mr. Forrest Sheets
  • Wellness: Mr. Brian Marshall
  • Counselor: Mrs. Becky Evans
  • Asst Principal: Mr. Russell Loucks
Sir Kay
  • Language Arts: Mrs.Leah Kovarik 
  • Social Studies/ELA: Mrs. Shonda Kaspar
  • Math: Mr. Eric Newman
  • Science: Mrs. Andrea Kelley
  • Math/Science: Mrs. Laleyna Steder 
  • Social Studies: Mr. Ben Mixon
  • Wellness: Frank Pilone & Mr Derek Cordes
  • Counselor: Mrs. Breyn Puckett
  • Asst Principal: Kristine Streander
Sir Ector
  • Language Arts: Mr. Michael Pace
  • Math: Mrs. Becky Kocur
  • Science: Mrs. Shantel Poole                 
  • Social Studies: Mr. Steven Smith
  • Wellness: Mrs. Alexis Myers
  • Counselor: Mrs. Becky Evans
  • Asst Principal: Mr. Russell Loucks
  • Language Arts:    Mrs. Jennifer Otto
  • Math:Mrs. Dana Christensen-Udlock
  • Science:  Mr. Jason Gillett              
  • Social Studies: Mrs. Sharyn Call
  • Wellness: Mr. Connor Stewart
  • Counselor: Ms.Alisha Freeman
  • Asst Principal: Mr. Russell Loucks