Math at CRMS 


  • Heidi Clarke - Sir Galahad
  • Justine Riant -Morgaine
  • Eric Newman - Sir Kay
  • Rebecca Kocur - Sir Ector
  • Beth Gisi - King Arthur
  • Laleyna Minasyan- Merlin

Courses we offer

  • Math 7 
  • Accelerated 7th 
  • Math 8 
  • Accelerated 8th (Algebra) 
  • Geometry 


Our main curricular resource is Ready Math. It works in conjunction with the i-Ready instructional resources and assessment. This program really gets students to think about the math involved in solving problems. Students are also learning 'the why' behind the math they are doing while creating a deeper understanding of the concepts.

Algebra and Geometry classes utilize the Envision Curriculum.  enVision® focuses on deep conceptual math understanding aided by visual models, student-centered projects, 3-act tasks, and personalized learning. 

Math Placement Process

The placement process for Math enables the school staff and parents to work together to provide the student with the most appropriate educational placement. This placement should provide a pace of learning and level of challenge commensurate with the student’s achievement level and abilities. A placement may be conducted for students entering grades seven or eight who demonstrate outstanding academic need different from programming found in typical on-grade level classes. Success in advanced classes is largely dependent on skill readiness and skill mastery.  To make the best decision possible, our placement process relies on data from i-Ready and teacher recommendation. If neither i-Ready or teacher recommendation can be obtained, students will have access to a placement test administered during the summer.  


i-Ready - This data is collected automatically for any student enrolled in DCSD who takes the i-Ready exams.  If i-Ready Math percentile is:

  • 95th or greater:  Consideration for Double Math Acceleration
    • An incoming 7th Grader who has mastered 8th-grade learning standards
    • An incoming 8th Grader who has mastered Algebra I learning standards
  • 80th - 94th: Consideration for Single Math Acceleration
    • An incoming 7th Grader who has mastered 7th-grade learning standards
    • an incoming 8th Grader who has mastered 8th-grade learning standards
  • Up to 79th: On Grade Level Readiness

Teacher Recommendation - This data is collected through our transition and matriculation process for any student enrolled in one of our feeder elementary schools; Clear Sky, Larkspur, Meadow View, Sedalia, Soaring Hawk, and Renaissance. 

For students not attending one of our feeder elementary programs the forms below can be sent to your students current 6th-grade teacher for input. Parents, please contact or registrar with the name and email of your students current math teacher and we will send them the placement form.

Incoming 7th Grader Teacher Recommendation Form.

Incoming 8th Grader Teacher Recommendation Form