Spring 2021 Conferences

To schedule a conference on March 4th or March 5th, select a teacher then pick a time slot from their calendar. 

Administration & Counseling

Mr. Veit - Principal
 Mr. Loucks - 7th Grade Administrator
Mr. Pomme - 8th Grade Administrator
 Mrs. Streander - Dean
 Mrs. Caporale - Counselor for Ector and Lancelot Teams
 Mrs. Schneider - Counselor for Galahad and Gawain Teams
 Ms. Harnish - Counselor for Arthur Team
 Mrs. Pigeon - School Psychologist 
 Mrs. Wilson - Social Worker
 Officer Davey - School Resource Officer


7th Grade Teams

 Team  Social Studies  Science  Language Arts  Mathematics  Health/P.E.
 Galahad  Mr. Neu  Mr. Shew  Mrs. Wheatley  Mrs. Clarke Mr. Tohara
 Gawain  Ms. Gabaldo Mr. Sonnentag  Mr. Martin  Ms. Riant  Mr. Pilone


8th Grade Teams

Team Social Studies Science Language Arts Mathematics Health/P.E.
 Arthur  Mr. Sheets Mrs. Sommers Mr. Bennett Mrs. Stewart Mr. Morken
 Ector  Mr. Smith Mr. Rosen Mr. Pace Mrs. Kocur Mrs. Myers
 Lancelot  Ms. Lewis Mrs. Gordon Ms. Moore Ms. Highsmith Mrs. Kay


Elective Teachers

 Mrs. Baker - Art
 Ms. Parsons - Art
 Mrs. Romanello - Choir, Band
 Mr. McGuffin - Orchestra
Mrs. Kaufman - Drama 
Ms. Donathan - Consumer and Family Studies 
 Mrs. Lynn - IT Applications, Computer Science
 Ms. Claus - eMedia, ePub, Digital Design
 Ms. Dutenhoeffer - IT Applications, Multi-media
 Mrs. Meli - Spanish 1B, 8th Grade ESL
 Mrs. Ramirez - Spanish 1A
Mr. Schott - French 1A, French 1B

 Mr. Teres - ESL
Mr. Teres (Spanish link)

 Mrs. Conner - Dimensions of Math, ALP Coordinator
 Mrs. McBride - Dimensions in Literacy, READ Coordinator


Special Forces

Mrs. Lynch - AN Program
 Ms. Anderson 
 Mrs. Haworth
 Mrs. Patterson
 Mrs. Munsey