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Descriptions of innov8 class offerings.

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Do you like playing card games? Come join this class to create fun new games and play cards with your fellow students.

Board Game Innov8


Spend some time learning a few classic board games and different rules that make them fun. Then, learn how to make your own board game with rules of your own.

Buddy Program


Come work with students in our unified program. Students in this class will partner with others to help them learn good sportsmanship and also help work on reading and friendship skills.

Calligraphy-The Art of Hand-Letter Designing


In this class, we will learn several different styles of hand-drawn lettering from the. classic to contemporary lettering styles. You will learn about tools and the techniques to create signs, poems, and posters.
Calligraphy is a visual art form that features the design and creation of lettering with a pen, ink brush, or other writing instruments. A contemporary calligraphic practice can be defined as "the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious, and skillful manner"
Chaturanga Author Allan Rufus said “Life is like a game of chess. To win you have to make a move. Knowing which move to make comes with insight and knowledge, and by learning the lessons that are accumulated along the way. We become each and every piece within the game called life.

Challenge classmates in these abstract board games to help you
develop perspective, improve memory, deepen focus, elevate creativity,
boost planning skills, and increase self-awareness.
Comfort Stitch Does bringing comfort to those in need fill your soul? In this class, we will determine how we can meet the needs of others through cross-stitch. We will make designs based on our user's needs and provide a little comfort of creativity.
Crafting Club Students will focus on design thinking by using art to express themselves and their cultural values. They will learn about different cultures and about different genres of art. Students will learn new art techniques.
Crafting Club Students will focus on Design Thinking by using art to express themselves and their cultural values. They will learn about their different cultures, as well as learning different genres of art. They will learn new techniques of art.

Create A Game


In this course, you will be tasked with creating and/or modifying games to be used in the PE curriculum that help students learn/practice concepts like teamwork, game strategy, resilience, and contribute to lifelong enjoyment of exercise.
CRMS Disc Golf Course The CRMS Disc Golf Course Class will be responsible for planning, designing, and installing a disc golf course on the CRMS campus.

Cross Stitch and Chill


Do you like to chill and create in a relaxed environment? This class is designed to help you get inspired and discuss the world around us while enjoying the art of cross stitch. We will create a one-of-a-kind piece to share with a friend or loved one.
Cultural Relevance of Football Students who take this class will learn lessons on the impact football has made on American history and culture. Students will learn football terms and enhance their research skills during this course.
Disney Imagineering For more than 65 years, the storytellers and magic-makers at Walt Disney Imagineering have dreamed up, designed, and created countless themed entertainment experiences at Disney destinations across the globe. During this innov8 class, you use your creativity and collaboration skills to dream up new and exciting solutions for the Disney theme parks!
Element Superhero Do you love science and superheroes? In this class, you will create a superhero whose origin story, powers, and characteristics are based on an element from the periodic table.
Fan-Fiction: Using Stories to Make Up Our Own Do you love nerding out about your favorite stories? Do you spend your time imagining what your life would be like if you got dropped in your favorite TV show? Do you want to know what would happen if a plot point didn't happen or was different? Do you read your favorite book and wish you could write the sequel? Have you always wanted to cosplay your favorite video game character? You might like writing fan fiction!
Girls Only **Girls Only** GRL PWR class will combine fitness and life skills with confidence-building exercises that are fun and thought-provoking. This class is designed for young women to help them find their very real 'power' - the power necessary to navigate successfully through middle school into high school! Girls will connect and share their excitement, fears, and experiences so that they may learn from and support each other. Each class will cover a specific topic and include a fitness component (such as yoga and other healthy fitness activities.) Girls in this class will quickly learn that fitness and confidence are necessary for a healthy lifestyle! Come find YOUR "Girl Power" in Middle School.
Google Tour Do you like to travel? Do you like to learn about far-away places? Are you intrigued by other cultures? Are you a history buff? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the class for you! In this class, you'll build a Google Tour that will transport you to a place of your choice. You'll get to know the landscape, landmarks, and people who live there. Your ideal virtual vacation adventure is just a few clicks away!

How To: Build a Computer


The students will learn about computer hardware and they will learn about all of the parts of a computer. They will also have the opportunity to take apart and rebuilt a pc.
Mission to Mars In this challenge, students learn about Mars, design a school on Mars as well as develop the curriculum.
Mock Trial Team A Mock Trial is an opportunity for you to participate in the preparation and trial of a legal case. You will work as a class to prepare the case as an attorney would. We will then have a trial competition playing the roles of attorneys, witnesses, and jurors. You will learn how to develop your case and convince the jury to believe your version of what actually happened. You will learn the rules of a court case and how to object appropriately when the other side breaks those rules.

This will be in-depth work on a single case together as a class. Students will work with a retired trial attorney (who now teaches at CRMS) to develop their public speaking skills, learn about the judicial system, and expand their analytical reading, writing, and thinking skills. It is highly recommended that students who choose this class be proficient readers.

Movie Essay Club (Sci-Fi)


The movie industry as we know it today originated in the early 19th century, through a series of technological developments: the creation of photography, the discovery of the illusion of motion by combining individual still images, and the study of human and animal locomotion.

Since then, the industry has seen extraordinary transformations, some driven by the artistic vision of participants, some by commercial necessity, and still others by accident. The history of the cinema is complex, and for every important innovator and movement listed here, others have been left out.

How might we analyze the history of film and express our findings in essay format?

Movies we will watch:
Star Wars: Episode IV - #13 AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies
E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial - #24 AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies – 10th Anniversary Edition
Back to the Future - "Best Time Travel Movie Ever" - IndieWire
Wall-E - Time Magazine - "Best movie of the decade"

Onward & Upward

Onward & Upward is an enrichment program that will include rock climbing, team building, and outdoor survival skills. Our focus will also extend into a global awareness of our environmental impact and appreciation of the world around us.
Powerful Sun - Use it The sun has amazing qualities and really is the source of all things here on Earth. We are going to research how to harness the power of the sun and alternative energy resources. We will then put our research to use and build something that works off our lovely sun's energy.

RC/Robotic Racing


Students will design and build an RC/robotics racecourse and then will compete in a round-robin race tournament

The student will race Sphero Ollies on a mirrored course that they design and build.  Students will not be allowed to bring their own RC cars
Ready, Set, Act Bring your passion for acting and the stage to create social change. We will explore how we can design a human-centered performance to inspire change in our CRMS community. Students will write, produce, and perform their own plays or scenes. We will gain inspiration from Theatre for Social Change and share our talents with CRMS.
 Sister School
 Design ways to help non-English speaking students learn English. We will gain empathy, ideate solutions, and prototype English Language Lessons for preschool to 6th grade.  If you want to make a difference in the world, join us to spread the gift of English Learning to those who desire to become Bilingual.
Save the Animals! Do you have a passion for the needs of animals? Unfortunately, more than 6 million animals enter shelters nationwide every year, and sadly, many never find a home. The emotional and physical benefits of human relationships with animals are well known. In this class, we will discover where human needs and the needs of animals intersect, and then we will design solutions to connect both. If you have a passion for animals and want to help people in need, join us for this amazing Innov8.
The Children's Picture Book Project Have you ever wanted to write your own picture book? In this class kids will evaluate published children's picture storybooks and then plan, write, illustrate their own children's picture books. After completing the picture book, we will read our books to a class at MeadowView Elementary.



Skate, Surf, Snowboard, BMX, or Scooter, create the ultimate extreme playground for your sport. Students will watch videos of the most radical terrain to get ideas to create models for their fingerboards. Do you have what it takes to make the next dream park?
TSA (Technology Student Association) Do you like design challenges? Do you like to build and create projects? Do you like to compete? Come join CRMS's newest club, TSA! TSA (Technology Student Association) is a nationally recognized organization that hosts over 50 different STEM competitions each year. Here are just a few of the possible competitions that you can participate in: Dragster, Fashion Design, Comic Book Design, Biotechnology, Coding, Digital Photography, Children's Stories, Career Prep, Forensics Technology, Mousetrap cars, Medical Technology, Off the Grid, Prepared Speech, STEM Animation, or Structural Engineering. Participants in TSA will have the opportunity to attend the State TSA Conference in February. (There will be a cost associated with participation in this club at school and a larger fee if selected for the State competition.)
Weaving bracelets and friendships Students will weave friendship bracelets and chat with classmates to get to know them better. We will then find a way to use those bracelets to help others in the school, or community.
Writing a Rap Song Can you rap? Can you throw down beats? Do you write poetry that has a rhythmic cadence?

In this class, you will take your skills to the next level and make a statement through rap music. You will write your own rap song with a social justice theme, create a beatbox using music software, and perform your song at the end of the quarter.
Mythology Mania   Have you ever read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief? Or any of the books from the Heroes of Olympus? In this class, we will read and listen to the audiobook of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief! OR the class can vote on which book from the Heroes of Olympus series that the class would like to read!

As we read this book we will research the origin stories of all of the Gods and Heroes that the author Rick Riordan presents in the novel.

Combine that with reading other short mythologies and learning about the Ancient Greek Gods and Heroes.

At the end of class, you will design/ create your own mythological world and write a funny creative short story that includes your own Hero that has to fulfill his or her own quest!