One to One Technology

This program provides students with access to mobile learning technology in the classroom and at home, equips educators with the tools to personalize student learning, and supports differentiation of instruction. Our goal is to create a program that provides all students with always-available access to technology and empower them to be content creators, adept problem-finders and solvers, and be responsible consumers of digital media and learning resources.


There are many benefits to having equitable access to technology for all students:

  • Accessible 1:1 technology allows for personalization of learning because students can take ownership of their learning paths in order to create unique learning experiences based on individual needs, and teachers can take on the role of facilitator/coach.
  • Flexibility in time and space.
  • Portability and accessibility of learning.
  • Learning is differentiated and focused on individual needs.
  • Prepares learners for the world in which they live by becoming world-class researchers and creators of information.


There are two pathways to our 1:1 Chromebook program:

  1. We highly encourage students to bring their own device and Chromebooks are encouraged. The benefits are as follows:

    1. Chromebooks offer a fully functional web browser and seamless integration of student Gmail accounts and Google Classroom, allowing them to utilize Google docs, presentations, sites, and other functions regularly used in our classrooms.
    2. Students will have the computer in high school
    3. Students can customize their devices.
    4. Parent Purchase Program has 8 very affordable models to choose from through the DCSD provider at GovConnect.
    5. 3 year accidental warranty with purchase if participating in the Parent Purchase Program.
    6. CRMS will provide a loaner while out for repair.
    7. Students will be able to print assignments at home.
  1. CRMS will provide a Chromebook to all students who are not able to bring their own device:

    1. Students will check out a CRMS school issued Chromebook at the start of the year.
    2. Chromebooks will be managed via the Serial Number in the students' Destiny account. The Serial Number is visible on the bottom case and each Chromebook has been engraved with CRMS.
    3. The circumstances of each situation involving lost, stolen or damaged equipment (Chromebook or power cord) will be investigated individually. Student/Families will be financially responsible for the replacement cost of lost, stolen or damaged equipment if it is determined to be a result of negligence.
    4. Students are expected to return all equipment in good condition at the end of the school year. Students/Families will be billed for any equipment that is not returned or is broken. The replacement costs per Chromebook is $313 & replacement cost for the power cord is $45.

Much more information can be found on our informational flyer.